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Being ‘fit to practice’ requires a registered Health Play Specialist to have the knowledge, skills, health and character to do their job safely and effectively.

Fitness to Practice is not a punitive process: its aim is to support practitioners to gain the knowledge, skills, experience and insight required to meet registration standards. The rationale for a Fitness to Practice policy and process is the protection of the public and of registered practitioners.

HPSET’s Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Standards set-out the standards of practice and behaviour that Registered Health Play Specialists must adhere to in order to be registered with HPSET.

The re-registration process requires every registered Health Play Specialist to regularly demonstrate that they practise safely and that they adhere to the standards set out in the Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Standards.


If an allegation is made, and evidence provided, that a registered Health Play Specialist does not meet the expected standards of education, knowledge, skills and behaviour, HPSET will investigate whether they are fit to practice. As part of the investigation process, HPSET may contact employers, colleges, witnesses and the University of West London.

HPSET will investigate various allegations including:

  • misconduct
  • lack of competence
  • criminal behaviour

It may be necessary, in the interests of public safety and the reputation of the profession, for HPSET to suspend an individual from the register as an interim measure while a fitness to practice investigation is undertaken.

Following an investigation, HPSET may proceed to conduct a Fitness to Practice hearing.

The Fitness to Practice panel can make the following decisions:

  1. No case to answer.
  2. Restrictions to practice while skills and knowledge are demonstrated at the level required for registration.
  3. Suspension from the register for a set period of time, with detailed feedback on the requirements to be met to regain entry to the register.
  4. Permanent removal from the register.


If someone has concerns about the fitness to practice of a Registered Health Play Specialist, they should raise their concerns, in the first instance, with the employer, college or university to see if the concern can be resolved at a local level.

If the concern cannot be resolved locally, the matter should be referred in confidence to The Chair of Trustees of HPSET on the email

Fitness to Practice