Mentoring Health Play Specialists Standards
M1 Work within organisational policies, procedures, and ethical frameworks for Mentoring.
M2 Work within the boundaries of the HPSET Professional Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Standards.
M3 Establish the mentoring relationship.
M4 Maintain the knowledge, skills, and behaviours you need for safe and effective practice.
M5 Provide honest, accurate and constructive feedback to students.
M6 Explore goals and options with student.
M7 Enable student to progress towards goals.
M8 Support students learning to help them develop their professional competence and confidence.
M9 Review progress and achievements with student.
M10 Record and maintain notes of interactions with student.
M11 Only delegate tasks and duties that are within the Student’s scope of competence, making sure that they fully understand your instructions.
M12 Always support your students/apprentice, to follow the HPSET Professional Code of Conduct and Standards. They must have the knowledge, skills, professional behaviours, and confidence for safe practice; and understanding how to raise any concerns linked to any circumstances where the Code has, or could be, broken.

Adapted from: Royal College of Nursing (2010) RCN Mentorship resources: 2. RCN mentoring relationships standards.

Mentoring Standards