• a) Advancement of education with particular reference to the study of developmental and therapeutic play – including psycho-social care in hospital of children, young people and their families.
  • b) Promotion of high standards of care through the advancement and improvement of the education and training of Healthcare Play Specialists.
  • c) Undertaking of research into the care of children, young people and their families in hospital and the community and the publication of any useful results thereof.
POWERS include
  • to work with the University to validate the course and approve academic centre(s) to be used for the training of Healthcare Play Specialists.
  • to enter into a register details of those persons successfully completing a course of study approved by the Trustees.
  • to register and de-register persons in accordance with competence to practice criteria as laid down by the Trustees.
  • to maintain a register of qualified Healthcare Play Specialists divided into the following subsections: 1) Practising; 2) Lapsed; 3) Pending; 4) Retired; 5) De-registered; 6) Deceased.
Objectives & Powers