Click here to view an important CPD AUDIT 2021 notice.

From January 2020, all registered Health Play Specialists need to submit a Professional Development Profile for audit, every 3 years.

Registrants will be advised when they are required to submit a profile, and should not submit until advised to do so.

The Profile Guidelines and Guide to Reflection are available to download below.

Click to download Profile Guidelines – 2021 revision

Click to download HPSET Guide to Reflection

IMPORTANT! Audit 2021

Registrants who have been selected for audit in 2021 should submit a Profile Form which includes data for both Year 1 (2019-2020) and Year 2 (2020-2021).
All sections of the form should be completed for each year:

  • Practice History
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Practice-related Feedback
  • Reflections 1 and 2
  • Manager Review

Where CPD opportunities have been compromised by the Covid-19 situation, this should be stated under ‘Current Practice’. If this is the case, the registrant should include as much information as is available but will not be penalised if the CPD activities for Year 2 do not add-up to 15 hours, or if there are fewer than 2 examples of Practice-related Feedback.
Please refer to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates – HPSET for more information

The Professional Development Profile