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Registrants are reminded of the importance of adhering to data protection requirements in profile submissions. All potentially identifying information should be anonymised: this includes the names of patients, family members, professional colleagues and students. Pseudonyms should be avoided in favour of generic terms such as ‘the child’, ‘the nurse’ or ‘the ward’. Profiles which breach the confidentiality requirement will be returned to the registrant prior to assessment, with the risk of a delay to re-registration. Please refer to the Re-registration Guidelines and Code of Professional Conduct.

From January 2020, all registered Health Play Specialists will need to submit a Professional Development Profile for audit, every 3 years.

Registrants will be advised when they are required to submit a profile, and should not submit until advised to do so.

Re-registration Guidelines (including the requirements of a Professional Development Profile), Guide to Reflection and Audit Profile Assessment Criteria documents are available to download below.

Click to download Re-registration Guidelines

Click to download HPSET Guide to Reflection

Click to download HPSET Audit Profile Assessment Criteria

The profile form for registered HPS will be made available during 2019.

The Professional Development Profile