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Online Store Play for Health Across the Lifespan: Stories from the Seven Ages of Play By Julia Whitaker and Alison Tonkin

Click to ViewGOSH Charity’s State of Play report

Click to ViewStarlight Report – The Impact of Children’s Play in Hospital – Oct 2020

Click to ViewAnnual Report 2018-2019

Click to ViewAnnual Report 2017-2018

Click to ViewPlay and playfulness for public health and wellbeing Edited by Alison Tonkin, Julia Whitaker

Click to ViewImaging and Therapy Practice – Power Play

Click to ViewPlay in Healthcare for Adults – Using play to promote health & wellbeing across the adult lifespan

Click to ViewPlay in Healthcare – Using play to promote child development & wellbeing

Click to ViewAnnual Report 2016-2017

Click to ViewChildren’s Environments of Care Report (Please note – Large file size: 10MB)

Click to ViewInvasive Medical Procedures

Click to ViewPlay Based Strategies – Dementia Study Day

Click to ViewImage Interpretation AT CW for HPSET

Click to ViewAnnual Report 2015-2016

Click to ViewPromoting the Importance of Child Development and Collaborative Links with Health Play Specialists

Click to ViewAnnual Report 2014-2015

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