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Online Store A Textbook of Children’s and Young People’s Nursing Alan Glasper |Jim Richardson | Duncan Randall

Online Store Play in Hospitals – Real Life Perspectives Edited by Nicky Everett, Cath Hubbuck, Fraser Brown

Click to ViewChildrens Cancer priority setting partnership paper

Click to ViewUtilizing the Language of Play

Online Store Play and Health in Childhood: A Rights-based Approach By Julia Whitaker and Alison Tonkin

Click to ViewHow to safely support and promote play within health care settings

Click to ViewThe Evolution of Hospital Play in the UK

View ChapterOnline Store Play Specialism Strategies to Prevent Pediatric Hospitalization Trauma
By Julia Whitaker

Click to ViewTop 10 Priorities for childhood cancer care

Online Store Play for Health Across the Lifespan: Stories from the Seven Ages of Play By Julia Whitaker and Alison Tonkin

Click to ViewGOSH Charity’s State of Play report

Click to ViewStarlight Report – The Impact of Children’s Play in Hospital – Oct 2020

Click to ViewAnnual Report 2018-2019

Click to ViewAnnual Report 2017-2018

Click to ViewPlay and playfulness for public health and wellbeing Edited by Alison Tonkin, Julia Whitaker

Click to ViewImaging and Therapy Practice – Power Play

Click to ViewPlay in Healthcare for Adults – Using play to promote health & wellbeing across the adult lifespan

Click to ViewPlay in Healthcare – Using play to promote child development & wellbeing

Click to ViewAnnual Report 2016-2017

Click to ViewChildren’s Environments of Care Report (Please note – Large file size: 10MB)

Click to ViewInvasive Medical Procedures

Click to ViewPlay Based Strategies – Dementia Study Day

Click to ViewImage Interpretation AT CW for HPSET

Click to ViewAnnual Report 2015-2016

Click to ViewPromoting the Importance of Child Development and Collaborative Links with Health Play Specialists

Click to ViewAnnual Report 2014-2015

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