Q. How often do I have to re-register with HPSET?
A. All registrants are required to renew their registration annually, starting from the March after their first registration with HPSET.
The re-registration window is open from 5 January to the final deadline of 31 March.
Q. Will I receive a reminder when my re-registration is due?
A. All registrants receive a notification email at the start of January reminding of the re-registration protocol and submission deadline.
Please ensure that is listed as a safe contact on your email account, so that all emails from HPSET go straight to your Inbox.
Q. What do I have to do to re-register?
A. Registrants may renew their registration between 5 January and 31 March via their personal page of the HPSET website.
Re-registration is a two-part process involving submission of the annual renewal form (online) and payment of the re-registration fee.
Q. How do I access my personal page of the HPSET website?
A. Registrants can log in to their personal page at using their HPSET login details.
If you have forgotten your HPSET username, you may use the email address you gave to HPSET. You can reset your login password by clicking on ‘forgotten password’ at the login screen.
Q. I requested a new password but have not received it.
A. Make sure you are using the email account which is registered with HPSET. You may have to look in your Spam folder for the email containing your new password.
Q. How do I pay the re-registration fee?
A. Payment details are available on the Finance page of the website.
You may pay the fee using online banking or over the counter at your branch. HPSET cannot accept card payments online or over the phone.
Q. Will I receive confirmation of my re-registration and fee payment?
A. Registrants who successfully complete the re-registration process before 31 March will receive an email confirming their re-registration at the start of April. Please do not request confirmation before this. You can check if your renewal form and payment have been received by looking at the date entries on the relevant fields on your personal page.
Q. What happens if I miss the re-registration deadline of 31 March.
A. Registrants who fail to re-register before the March deadline will be regarded as ‘lapsed’ and their names will be removed from the public register of health play specialists.
You may apply to have your registration reinstated by submitting a Late Re-registration Application according to the protocol published at Late Re-Registration
Q. I am not currently in employment. Can I still renew my registration?
A. HPSET do not set a minimum practice hours requirement for re-registration. Qualified HPS may therefore renew their registration annually even if they are between jobs, working reduced hours, on a sabbatical/career break, or on maternity/carers’ leave.
However, when called for audit, all registrants must be able to provide evidence of a continuous record of CPD during the preceding three years and, if unable to do so, will need to voluntarily lapse their registration.
Q. I am not currently working as an HPS but in a similar role. Can I still renew my registration?
A. Health Play Specialists now work across an increasing range of professional contexts in health, education, and social care. Qualified HPS are eligible for re-registration with HPSET if they are using their HPS knowledge and skills in their current employment and can demonstrate this when called to submit a CPD profile for audit. If unable to do so, they will need to voluntarily lapse their registration.


Q. What is an Audit Profile?
A. Every 3 years, all registered HPS are required to provide evidence that they have been engaged in a process of continuous professional development (CPD) by submitting a Professional Development Profile for audit.
Registrants should update their profile on a regular basis and review their Profile Form annually with their line manager.
Q. What is a Profile Form?
A. The Profile Form is the way in which registrants submit evidence of their CPD to HPSET. It is an electronic document accessed by clicking on the ‘Audit Profile’ button on your personal page.
Q. How will I know when it is my turn to submit a profile?
A. Your audit year is published on your personal page and you will receive a reminder at the start of that year that you need to submit a profile along with your application to re-register.
Q. Do I have to submit both a re-registration application and a Profile Form in the year I am due for audit?
A. Yes, you have to re-register with HPSET every year, including the year you submit your Profile Form for audit.
When invited to submit your Profile Form, it should provide evidence of your CPD for the preceding 3 years (*2 years for those submitting in 2021).
Q. What happens if I am not working as an HPS when my profile is due?
A. If you know that you will be unable to submit a profile because you are taking a career break or will be on maternity or long-term sick leave, you may request an extension to your audit date by contacting with details of your request.
Extensions are granted at the discretion of the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Please refer to the Profile Guidelines for more information.
Q. I am due for audit, but I was on leave of absence (e.g., maternity/carers leave) during part of the audit period and do not have any CPD evidence for that year.
A. If you are unable to meet the profile requirements for all 3 years of the audit period, you need to explain this in the ‘Current Practice’ section for the relevant year. You could write
‘Maternity Leave for 12 months from xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx’
You should enter details of your line manager in the ‘Manager’s Review’ section and ask them to confirm your absence during the stated period.
If your absence from work covered just part of the year, you would be expected to provide evidence of CPD undertaken during the months of employment
Q. Can I start to fill in my Profile Form now, even if it is not due for audit for another year?
A. Yes, the Profile Form is a ‘live’ document so you may update it at any time. The form should be updated on an ongoing basis and reviewed annually by your line manager. Remember to save your updates by navigating to the ‘Save and Submit’ page of the form and clicking on ‘Save’ before you log out.
Q. The Profile form is not behaving as expected or the layout does not seem right.
A. It may be that you need to update your browser (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome recommended) or to clear the cache/cookies on your device. If the problem persists, try using a different device.
Q. Can I copy and paste information from another document onto the Profile Form?
A. Yes, it can be a good idea to write a draft of your form entries which you can then save for future reference. You can copy and paste from this draft when you are happy with what you have written.
Q. When I type or copy information onto the Profile Form, the text does not appear in the original format.
A. Applications handle text and its format in different ways, so you may need to make some changes after pasting a body of text into the form.
Q. What do Years 1, 2 and 3 refer to on the Profile Form?
A. When you are called to submit a profile for audit, you need to provide evidence of your CPD for the preceding 3 years (*2 years for those submitting in 2021).
You need to complete all sections of the form for each of those 3 years.
Q. When does the audit year start?
A. The audit year runs from 01 April to 31 March.
For example, a registrant submitting a profile for audit in 2022, would include data for the following years:
Year 1: 01 April 2019 – 31 March 2020
Year 2: 01 April 2020 – 31 March 2021
Year 3: 01 April 2021 – 31 March 2022
Q. Is there any guidance to help me when it comes to filling in the profile form?
A. Yes, on The Professional Development Profile subsection of the Registration menu on the website, you will find the Profile Guidelines, a Guide to Reflection and some Exemplar Profiles.
Q. Can I work on my profile form with colleagues in my workplace?
A. It is a good idea to discuss the audit process with your colleagues and to support each other as you complete your Profile Forms, but the evidence you provide must be an honest representation of your own CPD and you are asked to sign a declaration to that effect.
The profile form is based on a nursing model, so senior nursing colleagues or the education department at your workplace may also be able to help you with anything you find challenging.
Re-Registration FAQs