Q. Is it possible to do this course through distance learning?
A. No. The course requires a minimum of taught tuition hours and practical placement hours in order to achieve the academic credits allocated to year one and year two of the programme
Q. I do not have a level 3 qualification in childcare but have studied at a higher level in a related area. Am I still eligible to apply for this course?
A.Your application will be considered on an individual basis by the programme leader in order to assess your experience of working with children, young people and families.
Q. Is a play therapist the same as a health play specialist?
A.No, it is a different profession. The health play specialist role involves working as part of a multi professional team in a healthcare setting, rather than based on individual therapy practice.
Q. How do I apply for the course and what is involved?
A.The process of applying for the course can be done anytime on the websites of the following colleges. Please follow the links below:

Successful applicants will be invited to attend an interview. Interviews take place between January and July unless the course is full sooner.

Q. When does the course begin, what day will it be on and what time does it start and end?
A.Courses typically begin around the second week of September. At interview, applicants will be informed of the start date and the day of attendance. Classes usually run from 10.00 – 4.00 with additional time available for individual tutorials at the beginning and end of the day, if required.
Q. What day do I need to attend the placement and for how long?
A.Placement days will be mutually arranged between the student and the mentor. Attending one day a week is the usual practice but, again, this is a mutually agreed arrangement. All students must complete 200 hours of placement in year one and in year two.
Q. Where is the placement located and do I need to make my own arrangement before I apply for the course?
A.If you are not already employed in a healthcare setting with a registered health play specialist who is able to act as your mentor, you will need to make your own initial enquiries. To do this, phone a hospital which is commutable to you and ask to speak to a registered health play specialist on the paediatric ward. You will be informed if they are able to take a student. If possible, it is preferable to do this before you apply for the course.
Q. I already have a qualification higher or at the same level as a foundation degree. Is it possible to do the course in a shorter time?
A.No. This is because the specific focus of the programme is understanding how the study of therapeutic play in a healthcare setting can support the treatment and experience of the child/ young person and family. This requires all the designated modules and placement hours to be completed in full.
Q. Is funding available to help cover the course fees?
A.If you have not already accessed a Government Student Loan then you may be eligible to apply for funding to cover your tuition fees. You could also apply to your bank for a Career Loan.
Q. I will be self-funding the course, can I pay in instalments?
A.Yes, however half the fees are payable at enrolment, followed by two other instalments.
Q. My hospital would like me to train as part of the apprenticeship programme; what is involved in the training and how do I apply?
A.Applicants can apply on-line using the following links

Students who are funded by their hospitals’ Apprenticeship Levy attend the course in the same way as non-apprentices. So, one day a week in college and one day a week as a student in their hospital setting. Apprentices will be mentored by a colleague who is a registered health play specialist. All students follow the same modules and assessments however, at the end of year two, apprentices will also undertake an End Point Assessment which involves an observation of practice, a professional discussion, and a multiple-choice test.

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