Sharing registration status with employers

The HPSET Board has received a number of enquiries from employers regarding the registration status of their current and future employees. The matter was discussed at the HPSET Board meeting on the 3 July 2017. Two outcomes were unanimously agreed, namely that:

  • Registration status would be shared with Line Managers and Human Resource departments on request after due confirmation of the authenticity of the person making the request.
  • In the interest of public safety, whenever the HPSET Board has concerns regarding the practice of an individual Registrant, the concern will be shared with the employer.

The use of data by HPSET is in accordance with the Data Protection Act and inline with our code of conduct.

HPSET continues to work towards an application for professional registration with the Health & Care Professions Council. The Board continues to reflect, review and develop processes and innovative approaches in all aspects of its work.

September sees the start of the new academic year and I welcome new students to the course and a hard and challenging two years of academic study and competency based practice to equip you all for the role of the Health Play Specialist.

Mentor training has taken place or is planned to take place at all of the colleges delivering the Foundation degree course.

Congratulations to all the 2017 graduates

I look forward to meeting you at the graduation ceremony later this year. I hope as many of you as can attend this day and the celebration and acknowledgement of your qualification.

The Suzanne Storer profile of the year award was presented to Bryony Hoy at the NAHPS annual conference in June.

You will find in the registration section examples of good reflective writing which may be of use to you when you are writing your profile. The best profile of 10% of re-registrants selected to send in a profile will win the 2018 Suzanne Storer profile of the year award. The Registration Group members are looking forward to reading and reviewing this years profiles.

A new Code of conduct is in the process of being developed. Research and writing the code has been undertaken. The code has been tested against different practice scenarios to test the application of the code for disciplinary action and as a guide for registered practitioners and students. Final sign off from NAHPS and HPSET Boards will be sought in the coming months.

I attended the Spring NAHPS conference and fed back the results of the survey undertaken to support the development of a course delivered in Scotland. The survey results showed that there were four play services which responded to the request for information and only one service planned to support the training of HPS staff over the next three intakes. Therefore it is not viable to develop and deliver a Scotland based course.

The study day was interesting and very well presented with outstanding contributions from HPS practitioners.

05 February 2017

Annual reportJanuary has been a busy month for the Board, we have published our Annual Report which I ask you to read. Thank you to Alison Tonkin for her work in writing and publishing the record of last years work.

The first session of the Board Meeting was the Annual General Meeting and all the Trustees agree to continue working on the Board and carry on with the offices they hold. This is important as continuity is essential as we undertake key work streams in 2017 and I thank the Board for the work they do on behalf of the profession.

In the second section of the day The Board reviewed the 2016 actions plans, all three plans were succefully achieved. We adopted the 2017 action plans for the key work streams and we have stretched ourselves with more plans this year. They can be reviewed here and we will update the plans through out the year.

We continue our strong working partnership with NAHPS and are starting to explore the opportunities for mandatory professional registration. This will take some time, it will involve many hours, days weeks and years of work, we will update you on progress, seek information, ask questions, we need you to work with us and can I please ask that your first tasks are to ensure you are registered practitioners, working towards registration and are a member of NAHPS.

Alison Tonkin in the third section of the day delivered a review of safeguarding and the role of the Board, the session will be added to the website along with poster produced by Stanmore students. We are seeking permission from the students to publish their work therefore there will be a delay in publishing this session.

Last year Norma Jun-Tai, NAHPS and HPSET Board member and I attended the NAHPS Spring Conference in Dundee. The conference delegate shared their frustration and concern regarding the lack of training opportunities in Scotland. I promised to organise a survey to gather evidence on the number of students in employment who would be funded and supported to attend a course and 200 hour students who would commit to study in Scotland so that a business case could be developed. I have had discussions with Laila Paulsen, University of West London and we will work together to develop the business case. The website has provided a platform for undertaking the survey without compromismg data protection and the sharing of your contact details between HPSET and NAHPS.

Scottish Healthcare Survey

The survey is now online ( and I would ask that you share the information with colleagues in other healthcare services so we can have as wide a representation of service needs and student numbers. This survey has now ended.

I will share the survey findings and actions as a result of the information gathered at the NAHPS Spring Conference in Edinburgh and online in my April report.

17 December 2016

HPSET are are very pleased to hear the positive comments we have received on the new website and that you like the easy to use format and the ability to view your own page on the register.

At our November Board meeting three new Trustees joined the Board. Aimee Coltman Registered Healthcare Play Specialist, Catherine Gardner Registered Healthcare Play Specialist and Lynn Randall Registered Nurse who undertakes a Governance Co-ordinator role. We said goodbye to Maureen O’Hagan MBE and thank her for her many years on the Board and her valuable contributions.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy and successful 2017.

14 December 2016

New Course Available

NescotNescot is pleased to work with the University of West London, in delivering the Foundation Degree in Healthcare Play Specialism.

University of West LondonThe course is designed for individuals wishing to study for a career as a registered Health Play Specialist.
This degree supports the development of professional competencies in the field of therapeutic play for children and young people in hospital and community healthcare settings.

Successful completion of the programme leads to registration with the Healthcare Play Specialist Education Trust (HPSET).

More details and course entry criteria are available to view via the download below.

Nescot Flyer

11 November 2016


Welcome to the HPSET website.

Changing and developing the site has been an interesting and challenging task with Joy Clapham Vice Chair and I working together to develop the site with a new web designer Tom Merriman. We would like to thank Dr Lee Whitmore for voluntarily supporting the website for the last 12 years.

Thank you for your patience while the site has been down. We hope that you find the new website interesting and that it provides you with the information you require. We still have some sections under development.

For registrants and students we wanted to provide you with access to a secure log in page so that you can view your data on the register and update your personal details. You will receive an email from us shortly with your username and password. This will enable you to see at a glance when your next re-registration date is due so that you can plan and be ready for when Julia Whitaker Registration Co-ordinator contacts you. We hope that if your profile is called for you have the information you require to hand. To support this process, keep a track on your development and plans, provide a personal resource for when you apply for a new position or job we have also included an optional Continual Professional Development section.

The University of West London and a college are working together on developing a Foundation Degree Healthcare Play Specialism course near London. As soon as we have a signed contract and can name the college and start date it will be shared with you on this site and with those who have expressed interested in the course and we have their email contact details. We are looking forward to an early 2017 starts.

We have a Board meeting in November when three new Trustees will be introduced to the Board and a selection process will formally take place.

We also have a Registration meeting this month when we will sign off profiles and undertake a quality review process to ensure standards are met by the trustees who review the profiles. We will also plan the dates for re-registration submissions in 2017 and these will then be added to the registration section of the website.

If you have any comments or ideas that would enhance the HPSET website please contact me via the email.

Tina Clegg