Registrants should note that Re-registration and Audit are two distinct processes.
All registered HPS need to re-register annually, even if they submitted a profile for audit last year.
One third of registrants are also required to submit a CPD profile for audit.
The annual audit sample will be notified by email that they need to submit a Profile Form (online) as well as renewing their registration before 31 March.

HPSET is recommending, that for those who are listed on the Public Register, that the title, REGISTERED HEALTH PLAY SPECIALIST is used. This will help to support professional recognition and to fulfil your duty of care to provide reassurance to the public.

All registered HPS are reminded to add registration@hpset.org.uk to their list of ‘Contacts’ or ‘Safe Senders’ to ensure that all emails from HPSET go straight to their Inbox.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a condition of registration with HPSET that the registrant’s user page shows their contact and employment details in full. This information must be maintained up-to-date throughout the year.


All registrants are reminded that their registration with HPSET expires annually on 31 March and that they will need to renew their registration before that date if they wish to remain on the Public Register of Health Play Specialists for another year.

Re-registration notifications will be sent by email to all HPS listed on the public register at the start of the year.

The re-registration window opens on 5 January and the renewal process is outlined below. Registrants may renew their HPSET re-registration at any time between 5 January and 31 March.

  1. Log in to your personal page of the HPSET websitehttps://hpset.org.uk/with your username or email address.
    • If you cannot remember your password, you may request a new one by selecting the ‘forgotten password’ option at the login screen.
  2. The new annual re-registration form will appear at the top of your personal page. Check all the boxes on the form and click ‘Submit Form’.
    • If you are unable to check all the boxes on the form, please contact the registration coordinator at: registration@hpset.org.uk
  3. You must pay the Annual Re-registration Fee by BACS transfer or Fast Payment, using your registration number as a reference.
  4. Your personal page will be updated when your re-registration has been approved and will show the message ‘Registration Active’. You will receive a confirmation email after the re-registration window closes at the end of March and may use this as proof of re-registration if required.
    • Please do not contact the registration coordinator for confirmation unless your page has not been updated within 28 days of submission of the renewal form.

Lapsed Registration
Registrants who do not renew their registration by 31 March, will automatically lapse, and their names will be removed from the Public Register of Health Play Specialists.

Lapsed registrants need to submit a Late Re-registration Application (see menu on left), including a CPD profile, before they can be considered for return to the register.


Registration promotes continued professional development and is recognised as good practice.
It is a current requirement of most health professionals.

Information for Line Managers re. Registration with HPSET

Unlike the registration of nurses with the RCN, the registration of play specialists with HPSET remains voluntary – HPSET is actively working to change to mandatory registration in the future. Our register is open to public scrutiny.

All qualified play specialists are advised to maintain registration with HPSET as it offers an assurance of service quality, adherence to a Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Standards. We are committed to Continual Professional Development.

Where an HPS’s contract of employment specifies registration with HPSET as an essential job requirement, a lapse in registration should be referred up the line of management for a decision on the most appropriate course of action.

HPS whose registration has lapsed may apply to re-join the HPSET register by submitting a Late Re-registration application, including Professional Development Profile, and paying the late application fee. Details are available on the Late Re-registration page.

A Late Re-registration application is assessed by a member of HPSET’s Registration Standards Committee, typically within 6 weeks of receipt.

An HPS whose registration has lapsed may not act as a student mentor/supervisor until their registration has been reinstated.

Individual HPS should be encouraged to access their personal page of the HPSET website to check their own registration status and re-registration renewal date and to ensure that their contact details are up-to-date.

Registration Responsibilities