From January 2019, re-registration with HPSET will become an annual process and applications will be made online. There will be a rolling audit programme, with every registered play specialist required to submit a Professional Development Profile (PDP) every 3 years.

To facilitate the transition to the new arrangement, all those listed on the Public Register have now been moved to the new annual re-registration date of 31 March 2019.

Registrants do not need to take any further action at the present time: if you log-in to your personal page of the website, you will see that your re-registration date has already been changed to 2019-03-31. You will receive further notification by email in January 2019 with details of how to re-register at that time.

If you last re-registered between April 2017 and September 2018, your HPSET account will be in credit and you will pay a reduced fee in 2019. If your re-registration date has been extended between October 2018 and March 2019, you will be asked to pay a slightly enhanced fee (equivalent to £2.50 per month) to cover the extra months of registration. The fee adjustments are shown on the attached fee schedule.

Please email the registration coordinator at registration@hpset.org.uk with any queries about the proposed changes and we will do our best to answer questions as they arise.

Public Register of Health Play Specialists

HPSET are in the process of creating a Public Register of Health Play Specialists. This will go live on October 1st and may be accessed from the HPSET website by following the link https://hpset.org.uk/public-register.

The purpose of the register is to make it easy for employers (line managers, HR departments) and service-users to check the registration status of present or potential HPS practitioners. This will enhance and promote the professional status of Healthcare Play Specialism both within the organisation and further afield.

All registered HPS will appear on the register, identified only by name and registration number. No other details will be available to view.

Whilst your registration remains in date, your name will remain on the register. However, if your registration should be allowed to lapse, your name will be temporarily removed until such a time as you have achieved a return to the register.

From January 2019, re-registration with HPSET will be an annual process and applications will be made online. There will be a rolling audit programme, with every registered play specialist required to submit a Professional Development Profile (PDP) every 3 years. You will be sent details at the start of the year advising you how to apply to re-register with the Trust. There will be a small increase in re-registration fee.

Please follow the link below for further information about the changes: https://hpset.org.uk/re-registration

You are advised to check the News section of the website for further updates. Please also ensure that registration@hpset.org.uk is recorded as a ‘Safe Sender’ on your email account, so that you do not miss any future direct communications from us.

We recognise that any change to current practice is challenging for all concerned. HPSET have been working hard over the summer months and have given a great deal of thought as to how to best achieve a smooth and fair transition to new protocols. We appreciate your patience during the changeover and welcome any feedback via admin@hpset.org.uk.

Registration and re-registration queries, including help with logging in to your personal page of the website, should continue to be addressed to Julia Whitaker, registration coordinator via registration@hpset.org.uk.


HPS Re-registration

  • From January 2019, HPSET are introducing a new annual re-registration protocol. All registered HPS will be required to re-register between 5th January and 31st March every year if they wish to remain on the professional register. The registration period will run for 12 months from 1st April.
  • Re-registration will be an online process, and all registered HPS will receive an email at the start of the year (provisionally 5th January) with details of how to submit a re-registration application.
  • There will be a three-year schedule of CPD audit. To achieve this, the register has been randomly divided into three sections and every registrant will be required to submit a Professional Development Profile (PDP) once every three years. The profile documentation has changed and will be available on the website from January 2019.
  • There is a slight increase to the re-registration fee which will be £30.00 per year from April 2019 – equivalent to just £2.50 per month. All payments will need to be made using the BACS system. Details will also be made available available on the website in the new year.

The payment schedule available on our Re-registration page shows how much you will have to pay in 2019 and 2020, taking into account any fees owing/already paid by 31 March 2019. To find-out how much you have to pay, you need to find your current re-registration date in the left-hand column of the table and trace across the row to find the amount due. (e.g. If you have a current re-registration date of August 2020, you will not need to pay again until 31 March 2020 when you will pay a reduced fee of £17.50)

Student Indexation

  • From September 2018, new HPS students will continue to pay a £100 indexation fee at the start of the two-year FdA course, which will cover their first period of registration from graduation to the following April.
  • Their first re-registration fee will become due on 31st March following qualification. (i.e. Students commencing September 2018 will need to re-register and pay their first annual fee before 31 March 2021.)

Changes to systems are challenging for all involved and HPSET appreciate your patience during the transition to the new re-registration process.

Statement in response to a question for an alternative course on the play specialist Facebook

Whilst this development appears interesting, I would offer a word of caution.

The new course could not use any of the current Foundation degree course content or the practice competencies as these are the academic and professional property of the University of West London & HPSET. Any new course that is developed would need to meet HPSET standards for graduates to be able to become registered practitioners.

The University of West London & HPSET with support from NAHPS are already working on a Higher Apprenticeship Award. The Foundation Degree Course is moving to this educational framework to take advantage of new funding stream. This is a complex process and one that has our full attention to deliver.

I would also remind you that Registration is important for the safeguarding of professional standards, quality service delivery and public safety. Professional registration is your entitlement and your responsibility.

As Chair of HPSET and in full support of NAHPS I can advise you that with a HPSET endorsed course and your professional registration number you are in the best position to apply for and maintain a job in the healthcare sector.

In addition, to safeguard employees and the general public healthcare managers are increasing including formal registration as an essential requirement for jobs.

To keep yourself informed you can access the HPSET website for current updates:

  • New course in the North of England
  • Progress on the development of apprenticeships
  • The latest on re-registration

You can also contact me via the admin@hpset.org.uk email address. I look forward to answering your questions.

Tina Clegg. Chair

April News Report

(For documents associated with this news report, please visit the Data Protection page of the website.)

HPSET & NAHPS recently sent a letter to the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) to set the case for admission of the profession to the mandatory registration organisation. HCPC replied explaining that admission to HCPC have been closed as an act of Parliament. HCPC advised that the Professions Standards Authority (PSA) hold a list of ‘accredited registers’ for those working in the NHS and independently. HPSET & NAHPS will research PSA options for the profession. A risk, cost and benefit analysis will be undertaken. When we completed this work we will provide feedback on this page and the through NAHPS website.

The Trustees at the Board meeting on the 23rd April ratified all the new GDPR policies and revised practices. Over the next few months, many changes will be introduced and I advise you and your colleagues to read the news page on this website on a regular basis.

Lynn Randall and I have led on this work stream and I would like to thank Lynn for the many hours of work we have undertaken to meet GDPR standards over the last three months.

The student indexation process has been changed to meet GDPR compliance, and to improve the service we provide to students and tutors. Those who enter the second year of the course in September are already indexed and therefore no changes are required. We recommend that you check your personal login details on the website and update any changes required. We will discuss the changes in process and new forms with the college tutors at a meeting they attend at The University of West London later this year.

All mandatory and most voluntary registered professions have a public register listing practitioners who meet the standards for re- registration. Over the summer we will introduce a public register on the website listing those who are registered play specialist with HPSET. The register will have your name and location for example Tina Clegg -East Midlands- Registered. This improves our professional status, managers and prospective employers can check your status. This process makes us GDPR compliant as we will then not share your details with others.

Re-registration:– We have developed new forms and registration process. We will start to implement many of the new ways of working over the coming months.

From April 2019 all registrants will move to annual re-registration. The annual form will be completed and submitted using your personal login page. There will be a fee of £30 per year, an increase of £3 per year. There will be advise and a fees table on the website as some registrants will have paid in advance of this date under the current registration process.

The webpage for submitting your annual registration and or profile will be open from January and close at Midnight on the 31st March each year. After this date you will be a late submission and need to complete a profile and pay a late fee payment.

Every registrant will submit a profile once every three years. The register will be divided into three sections and allocated to years 1-3. The profiles have a different format and we ask that you share the profile with your line manager and for them to sign one section. This will provided opportunities at your appraisal for reflecting thinking and writing and provide evidence on the quality of the work you are delivering.

The profile will be submitted online via your personal login page (you can update the form any time up to the point of submission) The profiles will be allocated automatically to the Trustees who mark profiles and we will have one month to mark and write the feedback on the profiles. We will then hold a quality review meeting chaired by Meriel Tootell. Chief Registration Standards Officer. This quality review meeting is currently held twice a year as we have monthly submissions of profiles. Feedback and registration status will then be loaded to your personal web page. This process will take two months. A date for will be published when the feedback to your personal page will be uploaded. Those who have met the standard for registration will have their details checked or if new to the register loaded onto the public register. If a deferral has been granted, then detailed feedback will be provided so that you know what needs to be added to the profile to meet the standards set for registration. A time limit for re-submission will be provided and then if not submitted or re-registration standards have still not been met your name will be removed from the public register until you have provided the evidence required.

When we launch the new forms and online submission we will provided details guidance and completed sample profiles.

It is important that you keep your personal page details up to date as we use this information to contact you.

We are continuing to work on the Higher Apprenticeship model of delivery and an update will be posted on a regular basis. Lee Pryor is leading on this work stream.

We are also working on new Mentor standards and training. The group is led by Emma Eardley.

The History of HPSET has been written by Judy Dibble and Janet Morris and we will publish this on the website to celebrate the 70 years of the NHS and play in healthcare.

I have presented at three conferences recently. The NAHPS Spring conference in Edinburgh with a theme on Autism, a very thought provoking and well organised conference. At Telford University at the AGAS conference for University Lecturers and career advisers on the role of the Healthcare Play Specialist. Derby Children’s Hospital held their 2nd conference, with hands on play time (I have missed playing) and excellent presentations from number of speakers including a HPS student and play specialists from the Derby team.

We have removed the Registration Coordinators telephone, please send emails:- registration@hpset.org.uk to Julia Whittaker and she will respond to you.

If you have any comments or questions on this briefing please email me:- admin@hpset.org.uk

Tina Clegg. Chair

March News Letter


The GDPR is an EU legislation which is being implemented, coming in to law as a legal requirement with effect from 25 May 2018. This legalisation will remain as a legal requirement post Brexit.

This regulation is about higher levels of safety and management of all personal data.

The regulations requires that we process all personal data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner. An information audit is being undertaken in which we are reviewing what information we collect, why we collect that information, for what purpose, how we store it, for how long do we retain the information and how we dispose of it when no longer required. There are six legal definitions for the lawful collection of for data. HPSET is working under the consent criteria. As you will have given us clear consent for the processing as practitioners, mentors and re-registration.

HPSET is required as part of these regulations to share with you our privacy statement.

At the HPSET board meeting on 29 January 2018 GDPR was formally discussed and an action plan highlighting the areas to meet the regulations by 25 May 2018 was formally agreed. A data protection lead was appointed to the board. The areas that we are currently reviewing are:

  1. Information Audit
  2. Website security – purchase an encrypting software to protect all data
  3. Email security and future communication strategy between board members and registrants
  4. Retention of data policy
  5. Safe disposal of all old information, paper copies and database (Professional shredding and safe removal of the old register from computers pre-website.
  6. understand the journey that the data takes through the organisation, mitigating all risks.
  7. Retention of information policy – how we store data securely.

Over the next few months we will be reviewing and updating all our processes and policies. As part of this procedure we will post regular updates on the website. If you have any questions or concerns please email admin@hpset.org.uk .

Year Review

My second year in office as Chair has again been busy and very productive. I would like to thank the Board of Trustees, Joy Clapham (Vice Chair), Meriel Tootell (Chief Registration Officer), Richard Spicer (Treasurer), Alison Tonkin (Secretary) and Julia Whittaker (Registration Co-ordinator) for all embracing the changes we have made and for their support, questions and contributions.

A review of the Trust Board members and skills was completed and three new Trustees were recruited to the Board. They are two registered practitioners Aimee Coltman and Catherine Gardner and a governance lead Lynn Randall .

In my role as Chair, I recognise that planning, implementing, evaluating, publishing and celebrating the successes we achieved during the year are key components of the work we undertake. We have developed and delivered key mile stones on behalf of the profession. The core skill and function of a HPS practitioner (retired) influence my work today. Observation, planning, implementing, evaluation, celebration and refocusing on new or different action plans.

We started the year by reviewing and signing off action plans for the key work streams we identified in 2016.

2017 Actions Plans include:

Governance: Lead Lynn Randall working in partnership with Tina Clegg

  • Development and publication of a new Trustee handbook referencing the Charity Commission’s expectations and regulations of good practice to ensure that the Board is up to date, relevant and fit for purpose
  • Revising the recruitment and appointment process for new Trustees to ensure we continue to meet Charitable Commission requirements
  • In partnership with Meriel Tootell revise the compliant process

Professional Code of Conduct: Lead Aimee Coltman working with Joy Clapham, Lynn Randall and Tina Clegg

  • Research and development of a revised Professional Code of Conduct agreed in partnership with NAHPS. To be published in 2018 with the revised Professional Standards, these documents have been developed to be used in parallel and as one combined document that registrants will be required to sign. Researched demonstrated that the document required a different format and structure with more clarity for public safety.

Professional standards: Lead Tina Clegg working with Lynn Randall

  • Review, research and revise professional standards in partnership with NAHPS for publication 2018. Essential for the Higher Apprenticeship Awards

Higher Apprenticeship Awards: Tina Clegg working with Laila Paulsen-Becejac

  • Develop Higher Apprenticeship Awards qualification with minimum change to current course structure as a result of the Levey introduction and changes in Healthcare education funding. We will be working with the English, Scottish and Welsh Higher Apprenticeship Boards as they all have different requirements that we will need to meet. We will research the Norther Island Higher Apprenticeship awards. This work will progress in 2018
  • Work has not progressed on the graduate entry course and will not be completed in 2018. We have concentrated our energies and attention on the development of the higher apprenticeship course model

Colleges: Laila Paulsen-Becejac working with Tina Clegg

  • Named Trustees to work in partnership with colleges and to train mentors
  • A successful start has been achieved by NESCOT College for the delivery of the course, with two intakes of students in January and September 2017
  • Develop a new partnership relationship with the college replacing Bolton College. We were sorry to hear from Bolton College when they informed us that our working relationship with them will come to end when they merge with Bolton University. The University of West London and HPSET are working with another college to deliver the course in the region. When we have completed the business relationship development we will be launching the new college, planned for September 2018.

Mandatory Registration: Lead Tina Clegg working with the Board and NAHPS

  • To present the case for mandatory registration of the professional to the Health Care Professions Council.
  • To continue to develop plan ‘B’ if rejected by HCPC
  • To establish the formal partnership with HCPC and understand what work needs to be undertaken to meet registration requirements. All HPSET process and action plans are linked to the requirements of mandatory registration of the professional.

Mentor Training: Lead Emma Eardley working with Norma Jun-Tai, Catherine Gardener, Meriel Tootell, Frances Barbour, Lynn Randall, Aimee Coltman, Joy Clapham, Tina Clegg

  • Reviewing and developing mentor training to enhance mentor and student experience. To be published in 2018. We will set new standards for mentors, explore different delivery models and provide clear guidance for students and mentors.

History of HPSET: Judy Dibble and Janet Morris

  • Research, publish and write a history of HPSET. Photographs are currently being copied with publication in 2018

Presentations: Tina Clegg

  • NAHPS Spring Conference in Edinburgh
    A survey was undertaken in the Spring to provide the evidence required to scope a business case for the development of a course in Scotland and the results published at the NAHPS Spring Conference in Edinburgh and on our website. We are sorry to report that there is not a viable option to deliver a course in Scotland as there was a very low number of employers reporting that they planned to support employees to attend a course over the next three intake years.
  • Stanmore College
    Presentation on registration

Many of the current action plans are of significant importance and work will continue in 2018 to develop the plans and publish the outcomes. We will therefore not be developing many new workstreams in 2018 unless there is a change in legislation or urgent need to add new areas.

The plans for consideration and approval at Board are:

    • Governance plan
    • Data protection – new legislation
    • Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Standards
    • Higher Apprenticeship Awards
    • Development of a partnership working with a new college
    • Mandatory registration
    • Mentor training
    • History of HPSET

I look am looking forward to working with The Board of Trustees, registration co-ordinator, registered practitioners and students in 2018 representing the profession.

If you would like me or a Board member to join you at one of your team meetings or development days please contact me on the admin@hpset.org.uk email address and we will try to meet up with you.

Tina Clegg – Chair of the Board of Trustees



Sharing registration status with employers

The HPSET Board has received a number of enquiries from employers regarding the registration status of their current and future employees. The matter was discussed at the HPSET Board meeting on the 3 July 2017. Two outcomes were unanimously agreed, namely that:

      • Registration status would be shared with Line Managers and Human Resource departments on request after due confirmation of the authenticity of the person making the request.
      • In the interest of public safety, whenever the HPSET Board has concerns regarding the practice of an individual Registrant, the concern will be shared with the employer.

The use of data by HPSET is in accordance with the Data Protection Act and inline with our code of conduct.

HPSET continues to work towards an application for professional registration with the Health & Care Professions Council. The Board continues to reflect, review and develop processes and innovative approaches in all aspects of its work.

September sees the start of the new academic year and I welcome new students to the course and a hard and challenging two years of academic study and competency based practice to equip you all for the role of the Health Play Specialist.

Mentor training has taken place or is planned to take place at all of the colleges delivering the Foundation degree course.

Congratulations to all the 2017 graduates

I look forward to meeting you at the graduation ceremony later this year. I hope as many of you as can attend this day and the celebration and acknowledgement of your qualification.

The Suzanne Storer profile of the year award was presented to Bryony Hoy at the NAHPS annual conference in June.

You will find in the registration section examples of good reflective writing which may be of use to you when you are writing your profile. The best profile of 10% of re-registrants selected to send in a profile will win the 2018 Suzanne Storer profile of the year award. The Registration Group members are looking forward to reading and reviewing this years profiles.

A new Code of conduct is in the process of being developed. Research and writing the code has been undertaken. The code has been tested against different practice scenarios to test the application of the code for disciplinary action and as a guide for registered practitioners and students. Final sign off from NAHPS and HPSET Boards will be sought in the coming months.

I attended the Spring NAHPS conference and fed back the results of the survey undertaken to support the development of a course delivered in Scotland. The survey results showed that there were four play services which responded to the request for information and only one service planned to support the training of HPS staff over the next three intakes. Therefore it is not viable to develop and deliver a Scotland based course.

The study day was interesting and very well presented with outstanding contributions from HPS practitioners.

05 February 2017

Annual reportJanuary has been a busy month for the Board, we have published our Annual Report which I ask you to read. Thank you to Alison Tonkin for her work in writing and publishing the record of last years work.

The first session of the Board Meeting was the Annual General Meeting and all the Trustees agree to continue working on the Board and carry on with the offices they hold. This is important as continuity is essential as we undertake key work streams in 2017 and I thank the Board for the work they do on behalf of the profession.

In the second section of the day The Board reviewed the 2016 actions plans, all three plans were succefully achieved. We adopted the 2017 action plans for the key work streams and we have stretched ourselves with more plans this year. They can be reviewed here and we will update the plans through out the year.

We continue our strong working partnership with NAHPS and are starting to explore the opportunities for mandatory professional registration. This will take some time, it will involve many hours, days weeks and years of work, we will update you on progress, seek information, ask questions, we need you to work with us and can I please ask that your first tasks are to ensure you are registered practitioners, working towards registration and are a member of NAHPS.

Alison Tonkin in the third section of the day delivered a review of safeguarding and the role of the Board, the session will be added to the website along with poster produced by Stanmore students. We are seeking permission from the students to publish their work therefore there will be a delay in publishing this session.

Last year Norma Jun-Tai, NAHPS and HPSET Board member and I attended the NAHPS Spring Conference in Dundee. The conference delegate shared their frustration and concern regarding the lack of training opportunities in Scotland. I promised to organise a survey to gather evidence on the number of students in employment who would be funded and supported to attend a course and 200 hour students who would commit to study in Scotland so that a business case could be developed. I have had discussions with Laila Paulsen, University of West London and we will work together to develop the business case. The website has provided a platform for undertaking the survey without compromismg data protection and the sharing of your contact details between HPSET and NAHPS.

Scottish Healthcare Survey

The survey is now online (https://hpset.org.uk/surveys) and I would ask that you share the information with colleagues in other healthcare services so we can have as wide a representation of service needs and student numbers. This survey has now ended.

I will share the survey findings and actions as a result of the information gathered at the NAHPS Spring Conference in Edinburgh and online in my April report.

17 December 2016

HPSET are are very pleased to hear the positive comments we have received on the new website and that you like the easy to use format and the ability to view your own page on the register.

At our November Board meeting three new Trustees joined the Board. Aimee Coltman Registered Healthcare Play Specialist, Catherine Gardner Registered Healthcare Play Specialist and Lynn Randall Registered Nurse who undertakes a Governance Co-ordinator role. We said goodbye to Maureen O’Hagan MBE and thank her for her many years on the Board and her valuable contributions.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy and successful 2017.

14 December 2016

New Course Available

NescotNescot is pleased to work with the University of West London, in delivering the Foundation Degree in Healthcare Play Specialism.

University of West LondonThe course is designed for individuals wishing to study for a career as a registered Health Play Specialist.
This degree supports the development of professional competencies in the field of therapeutic play for children and young people in hospital and community healthcare settings.

Successful completion of the programme leads to registration with the Healthcare Play Specialist Education Trust (HPSET).

More details and course entry criteria are available to view via the download below.

Nescot Flyer

11 November 2016


Welcome to the HPSET website.

Changing and developing the site has been an interesting and challenging task with Joy Clapham Vice Chair and I working together to develop the site with a new web designer Tom Merriman. We would like to thank Dr Lee Whitmore for voluntarily supporting the website for the last 12 years.

Thank you for your patience while the site has been down. We hope that you find the new website interesting and that it provides you with the information you require. We still have some sections under development.

For registrants and students we wanted to provide you with access to a secure log in page so that you can view your data on the register and update your personal details. You will receive an email from us shortly with your username and password. This will enable you to see at a glance when your next re-registration date is due so that you can plan and be ready for when Julia Whitaker Registration Co-ordinator contacts you. We hope that if your profile is called for you have the information you require to hand. To support this process, keep a track on your development and plans, provide a personal resource for when you apply for a new position or job we have also included an optional Continual Professional Development section.

The University of West London and a college are working together on developing a Foundation Degree Healthcare Play Specialism course near London. As soon as we have a signed contract and can name the college and start date it will be shared with you on this site and with those who have expressed interested in the course and we have their email contact details. We are looking forward to an early 2017 starts.

We have a Board meeting in November when three new Trustees will be introduced to the Board and a selection process will formally take place.

We also have a Registration meeting this month when we will sign off profiles and undertake a quality review process to ensure standards are met by the trustees who review the profiles. We will also plan the dates for re-registration submissions in 2017 and these will then be added to the registration section of the website.

If you have any comments or ideas that would enhance the HPSET website please contact me via the admin@hpset.org.uk email.

Tina Clegg