HPS Re-registration

From January 2019, re-registration with HPSET will become an annual process and applications will be made online. There will be a rolling audit programme, with every registered play specialist required to submit a Professional Development Profile (PDP) every 3 years.

To facilitate the transition to the new arrangement, all those listed on the Public Register have now been moved to the new annual re-registration date of 31 March 2019.

Registrants do not need to take any further action at the present time: if you log-in to your personal page of the website, you will see that your re-registration date has already been changed to 2019-03-31. You will receive further notification by email in January 2019 with details of how to re-register at that time.

If you last re-registered between April 2017 and September 2018, your HPSET account will be in credit and you will pay a reduced fee in 2019. If your re-registration date has been extended between October 2018 and March 2019, you will be asked to pay a slightly enhanced fee (equivalent to £2.50 per month) to cover the extra months of registration. The fee adjustments are shown on the attached fee schedule.

Please email the registration coordinator at registration@hpset.org.uk with any queries about the proposed changes and we will do our best to answer questions as they arise.

Student Indexation

  • From September 2018, new HPS students will continue to pay a £100 indexation fee at the start of the two-year FdA course, which will cover their first period of registration from graduation to the following April.
  • Their first re-registration fee will become due on 31st March following qualification. (i.e. Students commencing September 2018 will need to re-register and pay their first annual fee before 31 March 2021.)

Changes to systems are challenging for all involved and HPSET appreciate your patience during the transition to the new re-registration process.