You are advised that the closing date for the re-registration period 2019-2020 is 31 March 2019.
All registered HPS with a re-registration date of 31 March 2019 are required to re-register before this date. Your registration will automatically lapse if you have not re-registered by 31 March.

If you have not already done so, please log in to your personal page of the HPSET website at the top of the page to submit your re-registration application and to pay any fee due.
Full details are available here.
Re-registration cannot be confirmed until both the application form and the fee payment (if applicable) have been received by HPSET.

If you have forgotten or mislaid your login details, please be advised that your username is an 8 digit number representing your registration number followed by the first year of registration (e.g. 12342019). You may request a new password at the login screen by entering the email address which HPSET has on record for you.

Thank you to all those who have already submitted a re-registration application online: please check that the details on your personal page have been updated. If you receive the message ‘Registration Active’ you will know that your re-registration has been confirmed.


From 2019, re-registration with HPSET will be a two-stage process:

  • Annual renewal through completion of an online form and payment of the relevant re-registration fee (introduced January 2019).
  • Three yearly profile submission via personal page of the website (introduced January 2020).

Satisfactory completion of both stages is necessary to maintain professional registration with HPSET and continued listing on the public register of Health Play Specialists.

Annual Re-registration (online application)
On 5 January 2019, HPSET will introduce the first stage of the new re-registration process. After that date, all registrants listed on the Public Register are required to renew their registration for the period 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020.

You may renew your HPSET re-registration at any time between 5 January and 31 March 2019 by following the steps below:

  • Determine the re-registration fee payable by accessing the Fee Schedule 2019.
    You may be reminded of your ‘Last Re-registration Date’ by looking at the ‘Registration Completed Date’ shown on your personal page.
  • Pay the appropriate fee by BACS transfer, using your registration number as a reference. Bank details available on the Finance page.
  • Log in to your personal page of the HPSET website with your username or email address at the top of the page.
    If you have forgotten your password, you may request a new one by selecting the ‘forgot password’ option at the login screen.
  • The new annual re-registration form will appear at the top of your personal page. Check the boxes on the form and click ‘Submit Form’.
    If you are unable to check all the boxes on the form, please contact the registration coordinator at:
  • Your personal page will be updated when your re-registration has been approved and will show the message ‘Registration Active’. You will not receive any other confirmation of your re-registration.
    Please only contact the registration coordinator to request confirmation after 28days have passed since your Re-registration Submission Date. An on-screen reminder will indicate to you when this applies.
  • Lapsed Registration
    If you do not renew your registration by 31 March 2019, your registration will automatically lapse, and your name will be removed from the Public Register of Health Play Specialists.

    You will need to submit a CPD profile for audit before you can be considered for return to
    the register. Please contact the registration coordinator at for the
    necessary documentation.

    3-yearly CPD Profile Submission
    This aspect of the new re-registration process will be introduced in 2020. The profile
    documentation will become available online as soon as it has been finalised.

    If you are selected to submit a CPD profile in 2020, you will be advised at the start of
    January 2020.

    Student Indexation

    • From September 2018, new HPS students will continue to pay a £100 indexation fee at the start of the two-year FdA course, which will cover their first period of registration from graduation to the following April.
    • Their first re-registration fee will become due on 31st March following qualification. (i.e. Students commencing September 2018 will need to re-register and pay their first annual fee before 31 March 2021.)

    Changes to systems are challenging for all involved and HPSET appreciate your patience during the transition to the new re-registration process.

    You may be reminded of your ‘Last Re-registration Date’ by looking at the ‘Registration Completed Date’ shown on your personal page.