All registrants due to submit their CPD Profile in 2024 are reminded that their Profile Form needs to cover the 3 years preceding submission:

  • Year 1: 01 April 2021 – 31 March 2022
  • Year 2: 01 April 2022 – 31 March 2023
  • Year 3: 01 April 2023 – 31 March 2024

Each year of data should run sequentially. It will be necessary to empty the form of any previously submitted data in order to enter your new evidence for the required time period.


What is HPSET?

The purpose of HPSET is to set professional standards for registered Health Play Specialists. This includes a Code of Professional Conduct, Professional Standards, education and qualifications, and activities which raise the profile of the profession.

HPSET exists to protect children, their families, the profession and the general public. We do this by making sure that only those who meet our requirements are listed on the public register of Health Play Specialists.

What is re-registration?

Re-registration is:

  • The process that allows you to maintain your registration with HPSET;
  • A demonstration of your continued ability to practice safely and effectively;
  • A continuous process that you will engage with throughout your HPS career.

Re-registration is not:

  • An assessment of your fitness to practice.
Re-registering with HPSET

From 2020, re-registration with HPSET becomes a two-stage process:

  1. Annual renewal through completion of an online form and payment of the re-registration fee (introduced January 2019).

    All registered HPS must renew their registration every year by completing and submitting the annual re-registration form on their personal page of the HPSET website and by paying the required fee.

  2. Three-yearly profile submission via personal page of the website (introduced January 2020).

    From 2020, all registered HPS are required to renew their registration on an annual basis and to submit a CPD profile for audit every three years. Re-registration and audit dates appear on the registrant’s personal page of the HPSET website.

Satisfactory completion of both stages of the process is necessary to maintain professional registration with HPSET and continued listing on the public register of Health Play Specialists.

Lapsed registrants also need to submit a profile if they apply to re-join the professional register and are also required to pay a late registration fee. (Refer to relevant information on the Late Re-registration page.)

Why we introduced changes to HPSET’s re-registration process in 2019
  • To ensure you are up-to-date in your professional practice.
  • To strengthen public confidence in the Healthcare Play profession.
  • HPSET is currently investigating entry to the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) (see details on website) and a robust re-registration process is one of the requirements of PSA membership.
Re-Registration and the Code of Professional Conduct

We have introduced new links between re-registration and the Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Standards. This is to reinforce the importance of these documents and the implications for practice.

Re-registration is your responsibility

Registration is your professional responsibility and you are personally accountable for your re-registration. Details of your registration status and renewal and audit dates can be found on your personal page of the website.

Cancelling your registration

There may come a time when you wish to cancel your registration with HPSET: for example, if you have moved abroad, retired from practice or changed career.

If you wish to cancel your registration, you must inform the registration coordinator (registration@hpset.org.uk) in writing. You would need to provide your HPSET registration number, full name, contact address, the reason for cancelling and a declaration stating that you are not aware of any matter which could give rise, or has given rise, to a fitness to practise allegation being made against you.


Please find below a step-by-step guide to Annual Re-registration.
This is to facilitate registrants’ engagement with the registration requirements.
All registrants are invited to familiarise themselves with the guide, along with the Re-Registration FAQs, in advance of re-registration.

Guide to Annual Re-registration